Lotus Workshop

Lotus Workshop

Your road to your Lotus

Lotus pose is an iconic asana in the yoga practice. It demands great hip and knee flexibility coupled stabilizing strength. Every individual comes to yoga with uniquely shaped bones, joints, and muscles, various habitual ways of moving, and certainly individual stories and experiences. Some practitioners will effortlessly slip into padmasa while others may never “achieve” the outer version of the asana. The outer version is just a pose. The inner experience makes it yoga. 
A lotus flower is rooted in mud and grows through the thick darkness to blossom and express as a beautiful flower on the surface. In this 2 hour asana practice, we will work in the mud. This practice is open to all levels and abilities because we all have a version of lotus that is beautiful and unique.
We will intelligently sequence toward this pose while honoring real boundaries in our own alignment and physiology. We will focus on many postures, including:

Pigeon variations

 Side angle



 Seated lotus twist


This practice will empower your own journey on your own paved road toward lotus. It will be a practice of dedication, devotion, clarity, inner listening, and truth. I look forward to journeying with you!

Aly’s Bio

Aly has been teaching yoga since 2010. As a yoga teacher, her intention is to co-create a space that invites people into a deeper experience of themselves and empowers them on their individual physical and energetic human journeys. She teaches theme-inspired and alignment-focused classes infused with play and lots of smiles. She loves the way her studies as an herbalist complement the practices of yoga and living in rhythm with the earth. A lot of her recent work has been centered around reconnecting people with the innate wisdom that is contained in their breath and bodies and their sense of belonging to this family on and of the earth. When she’s not teaching, you can find her out in the woods convening with plants, studying, cooking, meditating, and laughing with her son!

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501 Church St NE #108, Vienna, VA 22180